Try our new favorite ICY J menthol flavored Bud Love and chill outTry our new favorite ICY J menthol flavored Bud Love and chill out


Bud Love is the Epitome of Smooth

Bud Love is like a “magical potion” for your herb. No coughing, no buzz kill – Bud Love is the epitome of smooth! Says Lex…

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Bud Love hits SXSW

Bud Love brought the love to the streets of Austin for South by Southwest. Watch what people had to say…

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Bud Love featured in LA Weekly

Marshmallow Leaf, CBG, and Terpenes come together in Bud Love to elevate your smoking experience!

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Bud Love at Montrose Market

Bud Love will have a stall at the Montrose Market in Houston every Sunday from 12-6pm. Come visit us at 1657 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006.

How to stop being paranoid or anxious when you smoke weed

Research conducted by Bud Love has shown that CBG can significantly reduce the risk of weed-induced paranoia or anxiety…

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Stocks like Bud Love are soaring after midterms

Stocks from companies providing cannabis and cannabis-related products, such as Bud Love, have surged…

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Bud Love Product Review 4.5/5

“…I noticed that I used less…it really customized the flavor…I felt more relaxed, less anxious, slightly euphoric and I coughed less…”

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Bakin’ Not Stirred

If you’re looking to stretch your stash or find yourself floored by that high-potency hybrid you bought…Bud Love has launched…allowing customers to craft a smoother, more personalized experience…

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Bud Love’s first ‘herbal mixer for cannabis’ makes its debut

A new product coming out of San Diego will forever change the way that cannabis flower can be enjoyed…

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